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Justin Higham
Justin has been a writer and performer of magic for over 30 years, is creator and publisher of over 400 effects and methods, author of over fifteen books and manuscripts on card magic and related subjects, and has lectured for The British Magical Society (1988), The Magic Circle (1994), and the Wolverhampton Circle of Magicians (1999).  More recently he has given workshops on card technique for The Magic Circle (2010/11/12), The Session Convention (2011) and the International Festival of Magic (2014).

Samples of his work may be seen on the Inner Sanctum series of videos (Vol. 6), Roger's Thesaurus - The Video, and Three False Shuffles (International Magic), and recent material can be found in The Second 16th Card Book by Tom Craven and Paul Gordon (2007), Best of Friends Vol. III by Harry Lorayne (2007), and Mind Blasters II by Peter Duffie (2009).  He lives and works in London.


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